Creatiwa Studio S.r.l.s., P. IVA 053675660657, current in Salerno at Via Scavate Case Rosse snc, in the person of legal representative, Letizia Giugliano

hereinafter referred to as “Creatiwa”

provided that

– Creatiwa is a communication agency, specialized in the design and implementation of advertising campaigns and the planning and management of integrated communication, as well as the design, development and management of editorial activities;

– in particular, Creatiwa has undertaken an important activity in the editorial field, creating the newspaper called “The Patent” which aims to deal, in various respects, with the subject of patents and more generally with innovative ideas;

– Creatiwa, therefore, intends to give space to the collaboration of subjects who, in possession of the necessary skills, intend to publish editorial contributions on the pages of the aforementioned magazine;

considering that

– it is necessary to regulate, in a general way, the modalities and rules of such collaboration, setting out the principles which each contribution must be inspired by and the editorial rules which must inspire each publication;

having said and considered this, the following is specified:

1.         The publication of editorial contributions in the aforementioned journal, in the form of an article, essay, etc., is made exclusively free of charge and, therefore, does not give the author any right to receive compensation in any form.

2.         Once published, the content becomes usable only by Creatiwa, which will therefore have the right to reproduce the same, in whole or in part, and to use it, with the sole obligation to cite the author of the same. Even in this case, the author agrees that this activity will not give the right to receive any compensation in any form.

3.         Each contribution, prior to its publication, will be submitted to the evaluation of Creatiwa, which may at its sole discretion decide whether or not to publish it. In any case, even in the event of publication, the author remains responsible for the content produced, assuming responsibility for its authenticity and not deriving, in whole or in part, from content whose reproduction rights are reserved in favour of third parties. The author is also exclusively responsible for the opinions and contents of his or her own editorial contribution, expressly exonerating Creatiwa from any possible liability for any disputes promoted by third parties due to the mendacious or defamatory content of the aforementioned contributions.

4.         By signing this document, the author declares that he or she expressly accepts the content of this document and that he or she has agreed, article by article, on an equal and consensual basis with Creatiwa.

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