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The Patent is the first international magazine dedicated to the world of inventions and patents. Our editorial staff collaborates with Universities, Public and Private Research Bodies, Institutions, Startups and Associations all over the world. We are media partners of IFIA and, every year, we participate in dozens of international conferences, workshops and events dedicated to innovation: from CES in Las Vegas to Bixpo in Korea, from the Invention Show in Geneva to Maker Faire in Rome, Prague and Hanover. Our mission is to give voice to inventors around the world and spread the culture of innovation. Associations, professionals and event organizers who share these objectives can collaborate with our team: register in the form and become a partner of “The Patent Magazine”. 



IFIA is the International Federation of Inventor Associations, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in London in 1968. The Federation brings together representatives of Inventor Associations from over 100 countries (including Italy) and is one of the most important international organizations operating in the field of new technologies. Through international conferences, workshops and festivals around the world, IFIA aims to spread the culture of innovation in support of inventors, transferring skills and promoting cooperation between stakeholders in the sector.



Euroinvent Exhibition, is the largest Invention Show in Central and Eastern Europe that promotes the International and Romanian creativity in the European context, by displaying the contributions of consecrated schools from higher education and academic research and also of individual inventors. In this way, the exhibition is participating researchers and inventors through associations, foundations or institutions specialized in development and creativity. While the economic crisis continues to get worse, creativity and innovation are the keys to strengthening Europe’s development. Creativity and innovation contribute to economic prosperity as well as to the social and individual well being.



Expo Dubai

Expo Dubai – the largest event ever staged in the Arab world – is set to welcome 190 participating countries, and  millions of visitors  from across the globe.Here they will experience warm Emirati hospitality at its finest, as well as the UAE’s values of inclusion, tolerance and cooperation. Youth are at the heart of our World Expo. 

Hundreds of pavilions will feature interactive exhibits, live entertainment, memorable meeting spaces, quirky hangouts and plenty more. Visit your favourite countries and discover new places you’ve never considered. It could change the way you see the world. 192 country pavilions featuring narratives from every corner of the globe. Expo Dubai is full of excitement for people of all ages and backgrounds.



IncoPat is a global patent database provider, dedicating to provide first-rate patent data and platform for companies, patent agencies and law firms to search, browse and analysis global patents.

IncoPat collecs more than 100 million pieces of patents from around 102 countries, areas, IP authorities. Compared with other patent databases, incoPat can be unique in especially three aspects. IncoPat collects patent legal status and related information of different countries especially China. For example, patent litigation information from China, USA, Japan, China Taiwan;license, assignment, pledge, reexamination

Incopat translates all Chinese patents as well as patents of some other countries into English including Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, Brazil, France, India, etc. In addition, IncoPat translates patents of different Language into Chinese. Incopat’s clients will enjoy a powerful platform and comprehensive patent data with relatively favorable price.



Maker Faire Rome

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is a project promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and organized by its Special Agency Innova Camera (formerly Asset Camera).

Maker Faire Rome is the European event that facilitates and narrates innovation in a simple and accessible way, connecting businesses, academia, people and ideas. It is an exhibition event where industry experts, makers and innovators meet to share their projects with the general public.


Maker Faire Vienna

Maker Faire Vienna, Austria’s largest do-it-yourself festival all about technology, innovation and science

Visitors can look forward to an extensive programme of presentations, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and hands-on stations. Do-it-yourselfers, tinkerers, creative people and start-ups can apply as exhibitors with their innovative projects




Ofeee is a no-profit organization based in Morocco. OFEED ensures the organization of the events necessary for inventors to stimulate their creativity and provide the necessary support to promote their inventions; of being a leading company at the regional level, recognized nationally and internationally. It organizes events to fulfill the needs of inventors as well as companies and states in the region and makes the Moroccan international exhibitions and competitions of inventions one of the favorite destinations of inventors and one of the key dates in their diaries.

The inventions, patents and activities promoted by OFEED will be previewed on the pages of “The Patent” and on the website www.thepatent.news


Smart Care Tech

Smart Care Tech is a non-profit organization in Sudan that aims to support, promote and encourage the community of African inventors and entrepreneurs facing financial difficulties.

To achieve these goals, Smart Care Tech organizes seminars, workshops and conferences that aim to provide all the technological, financial and legislative skills needed to “become an inventor”. The organization also offers consulting services to help in the complex process necessary to obtain

Our editorial staff and Smart Care Tech have signed a partnership agreement under which the inventions, patents and activities promoted by Smart Care Tech will be previewed on the pages of “The Patent” magazine and on the website www.thepatent.news.


The Union of Arabian Inventors

The Union of Arabian Academics is an organization in Yemen that aims to support, promote and encourage the community of Asian inventors and entrepreneurs facing financial difficulties.

To achieve these goals, The Union Of Arabian Academics organizes seminars, workshops and conferences that aim to provide all the technological, financial and legislative skills needed to “become an inventor”. Its members are women and men, scientists, researchers, academics, inventors.

Innovators and Arab creators, individuals and institutions within a spatial geographical framework and its administrative boundaries in the map of the geopolitics of the Arab world. 

The inventions, patents and activities promoted by The Union Of Arabian Academics will be previewed on the pages of “The Patent” and on the website www.thepatent.news.



Intarg is a networking platform for the promotion of innovative products, technologies and services from various industries and fields. As every year, INTARG® is organized with the great support of the Federation of Inventors’ Associations IFIA and World Invention Intellectual Property Associations WIIPA and under the honorary patronage of prestigious Polish and foreign institutions and organizations, as well as with the promotional support of many media agencies, including ‘ The Patent. Invention Magazine ”.

For more information: www.intarg.haller.pl



INOVAMAK, the International Fair of Patents, Inventions, Innovations and New Technologies organized by the National Association of Inventors of Macedonia.The event, now in its fourth edition, will give space to the inventions of hundreds of exhibitors from 20 countries around the world. Among the projects on display last year were an adaptive modular support for hip prostheses designed by inventors Dan and Daniela Tarniță, an artificial system for the forearm created by Prof. Cosmin Berceanu using intelligent materials and an innovative spherical hinge elbow prosthesis invented by Dr. Cristian Boborelu of the Clinical Hospital of Craiova.

INOVAMAK is organized by the National Association of Inventors of Macedonia (NAIM), equal member of IFIA and legitimate representative of Macedonia to the International Federation of Inventor Associations. It is no coincidence that IFIA is the main partner of the International Fair of Patents, Inventions, Innovations and New Technologies in Skopje. The Fair is also supported by the Macedonian Ministry of Defence, National Innovation Funds, the State Industrial Property Authority, the National Electricity Company (ELEM) and several private companies.




MIIEX is an innovation competition annually organised by UiTM Melaka Campus with the intention to bring together ideas and inspiration that could fit in for commercialization needs. This event creates a platform for researchers to establish networking, partnership and opportunities to collaborate with industries. UiTM has identified research, innovation and commercialization to be among the core components and strategic effort towards becoming a well-known and prominent university. In realizing this goal, innovation, research, and commercialization are believed to have the potential to foster the development   of knowledge,                   

This event is an ideal platform for lecturers, administrative staff, students, and the public to showcase and commercialize their products or prototypes as well as novel ideas. The first IID which was held nationally in UiTM Cawangan Melaka in 2009, has successfully gathered and displayed more than 36 inventions and innovations. Accordingly, to continue this strong passion towards inventing and innovating, the IID competition should be continued and celebrated.




Bright Inventors is a French Non-profit Association based in Strasbourg, France. It is also an official member organization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. 

It is a new organization of youth inventors that aims at training the university students how to develop their creative and innovative ideas into real, tangible and on-the-ground inventions following interactive workshops and innovative labs. I




iCAN is the premier event of Canada for worldwide inventors and innovators, an international competition of creative ideas and innovative projects of creative students, individuals, and companies, providing new opportunities for both local and overseas participants to exhibit and showcase their finest ideas of all creative categories through invention, innovation, scientific research, new products and technologies.

ICAN offers an all-around program featuring the exhibition of inventions, educational seminar and the award ceremony. The event allows participants to grasp the opportunity to exhibit, promote and share their ideas to the Canadian market, network with various participants from around the world, participate in the educational seminar featuring valuable keynote from a Fortune 500 branding expert, and celebrate new achievements made at the award ceremony for winning the international invention innovation competition award in Canada, “The iCAN Awards”. 

The competition goal sets to reach out to the global community of innovators in every way possible from Canada. 





PatentGuru is a global patent database and intelligence software company headquartered in Seattle. 

PatentGuru’s diverse team members have extensive technical and patent background. They have Ph.D. and master degrees in Biology, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Math and Business.  Many have worked in technology companies such as Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Google and Patent Offices.  

Patent Guru is building a comprehensive patent research platform that helps everyone, from individual

inventors to expanding corporate teams, to effectively search and manage patent documents with tools they need to get work done. We want to help clients make sense of the technology innovation that drive their businesses forward, using patent documents. PatentGuru systems organize and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured patent data, uses scientific methods to extract knowledge and insights from the data and presents the data through a sophisticated dynamic user interface which enables the user to find answers to their most important questions.

Thousands of people and organizations around the world are using PatentGuru to find patent documents they need, investigate their innovative ideas, and drive their business forward.





An industry-leading data provider since 2009, Unumbio creates and delivers industrial property (‘IP’) data and related content on a global basis, at a competitive cost and to exacting quality standards. We offer data improvement services through VAPOR CaaS, as well as extensive collections of IP data ready to be licensed to third parties through our PREMIUM DATABASES.

Unumbio is the perfect match for companies who want to expand, improve, or build from scratch a collection of IP content for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to IP online services; IP clearance, registration and renewal; IP screening, searching and watching; IP intelligence; IP protection and prosecution, IP management, and patent-related investigation and research.

They can either create new content on-demand, provide existing datasets through multiple distribution options, and process customers’ current content using our cutting-edge technology. All of their databases are ready to be licensed and integrated into a wide range of applications, bolstered by extensive updates and top-notch support. IP and IP-related companies can stop using unreliable data from disparate providers, generic non-standardized data from common data sources, or costly datasets built in-house.




1i1WChallenge is an International Innovation, Design and Startup Competition. The event promotes Ideas, Design, innovation and products in international context. Our goal is edition to bring commercial value to inventions largest in Europe. During 1I1W leading inventors, researchers, engineers and scientists will present actual research issues in all fields of research. 


The competition has the following objectives:

Creating a proper space for cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking
Fostering interest in new scientific topics;
Encouraging the growth of researchers, scientists, inventors, and expanding the scientific space for future generations;
Encouraging team working and expanding the space of cooperation between participants from different countries;
Creating public awareness about some of the problems raised in the challenges.




MoreGlobe is the first web based platform for Augmented Reality. The system is based on an algorithm that we have developed and patented to make the printed paper, packaging and all “traditional” advertising material interactive!

Using MoreGlobe is very simple. Just download the app on your smartphone, directly from Apple Store and Play Store: the system accesses the camera, recognizes the marker and automatically starts the associated multimedia content.

The smartphone comes to life with videos, three-dimensional models, infographic, tutorials or music tracks to live in Augmented Reality. All content is managed through an intuitive and easy to use CMS.

You can customize the size of the marker, insert clickable links, upload content independently and get detailed reports on views and interactions. Interactivity, autonomy, creativity: all this is More Globe!





Founded in 2010 by Mr. Hsieh Hsin-Ming, WIIPA is a no-profit global organization that promotes invention, innovation and intellectual property rights around the globe. At the moment, 50 member countries and partners have joined the “WIIPA Family” promoting cooperation between associations, inventors and enterprises of various countries. Inspiring creativity and innovation of potential inventors both local and international. Meanwhile, strengthening the global application development in the field of intellectual property rights.

WIIPA member states span across continents. WIIPA puts great emphasis on “common concept” and “substantial participation”. Application for membership should go through a recommendation process by eligible members of WIIPA. Furthermore, aspiring members should participate in any of WIIPA’s member Expo or Conference for a period of not less than two (2) years. Finally, membership will be decided through an election process by all members present during WIIPA annual meeting. The membership process is quite rigorous. 


Inventions Geneva

Inventions GenevaFounded in 1975 by Jean-Luc Vincent, the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva is the world’s largest annual event devoted exclusively to inventions and the licensing market. Each year, more than 825 exhibitors from 45 countries present their exclusive inventions, research and new products, ready to be marketed. Since 2017, Palexpo SA has assumed responsibility for organising the Exhibition, thereby fulfilling its mission to promote Geneva’s renown both in Switzerland and internationally.



Malaysia Technology Expo is the leading invention & innovation event in the region.
MTE is a leading event and platform for the higher learning institutions, private technology industry companies to showcase their new products, innovations and inventions. The exhibition brings in yearly 10,000 trade visitors to the event.The Invention & Innovation Awards is the platform that rewards the inventors, innovators and researchers in various categories. In 2013 the malaysia International Design & Expo Awards (mIDEAS) was introduced as part of the event; which has been created to recognize award winning, innovative designs.



Digital Marketing World Forum has been at the forefront of the global digital marketing community for over 13 years. Delivering the latest marketing insights via top-level online content and world-class events in London, New York, Amsterdam and Singapore.


Influencer Marketing World is brought to you by MarketingTech News,  a thriving community of professionals interested in marketing strategy and technology. With over 1.1 million marketing-focussed members.



The Universiti Malaya Civil Convention 2022 (Civil Con ’22) is a student-led program organized under the collaboration of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Club (CEEC) and Institution of Civil Engineers Universiti Malaya Student Chapter (ICEUMSC). This event will target secondary school students, pre-university students, undergraduates, and post-graduates from all local universities in Malaysia. The convention will consist of 4 major events, which are ‘Forum and Sharing Session’, ‘Career Fair and Exhibition’, ‘Rebuild: Civil Engineering Student Conference’ and ‘Civil Engineering Quiz (CiviQ)’



UMCvEC  is supported by Institution of Civil Engineers
Student Chapter (UMICESC) and Civil and
Environmental Engineering Club (CEEC) to uphold
the mission of the Civil Engineering Department; to
equip graduates with the ability to apply critical
thinking to identify, formulate and solve civil
engineering problems.







E-NNOVATE, the world’s first INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION FAIR, connecting global innovators on traditional booths and a single virtual platform at the same time.

E-NNOVATE is not just a platform. It is an ecosystem of like-minded people willing to impact the innovation space with synergy significantly. Being a digital platform E-NNOVATE has tremendous reach, which will propel innovative ideas to the world’s farthest corners.

E-NNOVATE is designed for innovators, inventors, scientists, large and small companies, universities, and scientific institutes alike. With E-NNOVATE, the traditional expo booth experience is brought to life with our INNOVATIVE PLATFORM. It is a fantastic global one-stop-destination for innovators, technology buyers, and enthusiasts alike. E-NNOVATE gives the innovators an opportunity to virtually present and discuss with reputed jury members across the globe.

The general aim of CORNELIUGROUP is research in the field of vehicle manufacturing industry, by finding and implementing programs and actions to attract young people, by supporting internships, camps, training camps, other forms of promotion and initiation; by establishing collaborations with other specialized organizations in the country and abroad, in order to exchange expertise; by participating in national and international communication sessions, exhibitions, fairs and car shows; by participating in national and international invention shows; by participating in intellectual property promotion shows; by organising fairs, shows, communication sessions and the like in the field of research; by approving and patenting products made as a result of research activity.

Inex focuses on international start-ups, industrial technologies, technology transfer and promotion in the Indian market. To this end, the IIA has joined forces with the Goa State Innovation Council and the Polish company IBS Global, a global organisation committed to the international commercialisation of innovation, strengthening industry and trade with a focus on innovation-based products and services and new technologies.







SMART NATION EXPO 2022 was a major success and firmly established it as the Region’s Biggest Tech Exhibition on 5G, Smart Cities, IR4.0, Emerging Technologies and Applications. In line with the continued roll out of 5G services across the region, digital transformation will accelerate across key sectors of the economy. The introduction of 5G together with INDUSTRY 4.0, IoT, Artificial Intelligences, Robotics and Web3.0 including Virtual/Augmented Reality will create a whole host of new business that will spur growth and transform the economies of the future.

The event is organized by ClickAway Creators, a company formulated by a team of spirited, enterprising professionals with decades of experience in holding these highly specialized legal conferences. LexTalk World would be a platform intended to congregate the International legal professionals under a single roof in Dubai, to discuss ideas, concepts, experiences, expertise and percolate. It will also look at challenges, opportunities, scope and the significant developments.

LET-a CeMAT ASIA Event is an annual event organized by Hannover Milano BestExhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. with the theme of “Digital Intelligence Factory · Smart Logistics”.

Visitors will explore the latest developments in smart factory with forklift and accessories,packaging equipment, conveyor, automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) etc. All can empower the manufacturing industry with automation and informatization, supportingthe manufacturing production by industrial robots AGV/AMR, unmanned distributionvehicle, MES system, WMS system etc. Digitalization, intelligence and flexibility will enable manufacturing enterprises to develop with high quality. We are pleased to invite you to come and visit our exhibition in Guangzhou, China.


EM (The Electric Mobility Showcase)


IEMI 24 (Integrated Electronics Manufacturing & Interconnections)



KUALA LUMPUR– The International Electric Mobility Showcase(IEM) presents top electric vehicle companies exhibiting the latest electric vehicle models, next-generation electrification technologies, innovative products and solutions to an enthusiastic audience.Featuring over 100 exhibitor booths and hosting esteemed industry experts and market leaders in the local and international EV industry, IEMS  is positioned as the platform to explore EV products and services in Malaysa

IPC India will host the third annual Integrated Electronics Manufacturing & Interconnections (IEMI), the largest networking event in South Asia for the electronics industry, to be held in Penang, Malaysia, and Bangalore, India. The main features of IEMI events include product exhibitions, presentations by industry leaders, panel discussions, a supplier development programme, business matchmaking meetings with international delegates, standards development sessions, awards programmes, manual soldering competitions, and a world wiring competition.

TAIWAN INNOTECH EXPO 2024 (tie 2024) aims to showcase Taiwan’s innovative technology capabilities, create international business opportunities, and drive industrial transformation – turning Taiwan into an international hub for R&D.

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